Why Dog Daycare?

“Dog Daycare meets the needs of many dogs and their owners.”


To most dog guardians the idea of leaving them cooped-up in the house or condo all day long make them sad and feel guilty. Dog Daycare can be a much valuable alternative.

Dogs left alone during the day can exhibit boredom, separation anxiety and destructive behavior. Dog Daycare provides a big help to these dogs and their owners.

As social animals dogs enjoy living in a pack. They love interacting and playing together. Dog Daycare & Boarding is the best place for this instinctive behavior.


Many dogs have high-energy needs and require appropriate outlets for their pent-up energy.

After a day at Dog Daycare your furry kid will be as tired as you. No more need of a long doggy walk…cuddling on the couch all evening…


After inspecting at least six other canine boarding kennels (and being appalled at a few), I felt as though I had been blessed to find Georgie and Peter at Passion 4 Pets. My dog loves them, (and their dogs too), and so do I. My heart aches when I have to leave my Standard Poodle “McKenzie”—but I know he’s having a great time and under great care.
—Beverley A.

Reservations for Daycare/Boarding

Call 951-552-0619
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