Passion 4 Pets Dog Boarding Kennel

Specializes in providing high quality dog boarding and daycare services. Dog boarding in groups.

“Dogs are highly social animals that crave constant attention and companionship.”


Place your family member in an environment that provides clean, controlled, secure fun and loving care. We make your dog feel “at home” and provide the finest care possible!

Big Runs 100′ x 100′

Access all day long for free for dogs who like it
or they can stay indoor.

Pick-up and Drop-off Service

for boarding:  every day of the week
for daycare:    on Thursday
Save time — save money

Grooming by Georgie Available

Georgie is an excellent and experienced groomer

We are open:

Monday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Tuesday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Wednesday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Thursday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Friday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday: 7:00AM – 7:00PM

After hours pick-up or drop-off available!

To make reservations for Daycare/Boarding:
Call 951-552-0619
or Email your Reservation Request to



(Loxodonta africana) und
den Waldelefanten (Loxodonta cyclotis), repräsentiert. Sie trat erstmals
meridionalis, auch unter dem Namen Südelefant bekannt, erreichte vor mindestens drei Millionen